Neotalentway is a company that was funded in early 2018 to respond to the quality training needs we see exist around us. Since its inception, Neotalentway has been made up of a team of people highly committed to personal development and quality in teaching. This is demonstrated by the internationalization capacity that has been the same, so that within a few months of its creation it was already participating in international training projects in collaboration with companies from all over Europe such as Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Italy, Turkey, etc. We are experts in training, we develop our own and external content, training plans and training projects at both national and international levels. We also enrich these processes because most of the team are both training and teaching project technicians so that we are able to define training programs based on teaching reality.
Neotalentway offers mainly two lines of work:

– Training Consulting:
Neotalentway offers opportunities for personal and professional growth for all people, both employed and unemployed . We are experts in training and value mainly the satisfaction of our students and we try to get our training actions from quality to reach students.
The main lines that guide the elaboration of content in our department are:
– Updated content
– Content adapted to the public that will receive it
– Content oriented and created with a practical perspective
– Evaluation of periodic contents to achieve all these aspects

Educational consulting:
At Neotalentway we firmly believe in quality education and know that teachers must be constantly updated to better reach students. That is why we have a pedagogical area in our teaching team that is responsible for keeping up with the new methodologies that can be applied in the classroom and strive to create resources that allow for the practical transmission of these new methodologies.
At Neotalentway we work toward comprehensive education for students, for which we know that it is essential that school and family go hand in hand to promote the integral development of the child.

To do this, we offer parent education workshops where we will work:

– Psychological development of the child
– Professional guidance
– Socio-affective development of the child
– Emotional management

Neotalentway has, since its inception made a strong bet on the European Projects Area. In September 2018 this area began to reap its fruits with 2 projects approved with funding.
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