The Chamber for the Development of Entrepreneurs
In 2016, the Chamber for the Development of Entrepreneurs (Zbornica za razvoj podjetnikov) was established by an active group of experts who have been working in the entrepreneurship/ business field for more than 18 years.

During the implementation of our activities we want to offer professional and organizational support to sustainable entrepreneurship, social and other initiatives that sustainably support the economic, social, environmental and cultural development of the Styrian region and beyond.

The most important activities are:
– non-formal education of business skills of adults before and after the establishment of their company which includes various programs that have been upgraded in cooperation with the participants of the programs,
– first steps in entrepreneurship – setting up a company,
– business support for social and other forms of entrepreneurship of micro and small entrepreneurs,
– training in the use of new technologies in practice – online learning, digitization etc.

The Chamber actively participates in national and European initiatives. In our local environment, in 2019, we advised over 400 future entrepreneurs and prepared over 400 applications in the field of entrepreneurship. As partners we participated in four different adult education programs where twelve participants and various internal and external mentors participated – for a period of six months.
As investors, partners or external mentors we participate in different tenders, such as Erasmus +, Erasmus + mobility, Mentoring schemes for social enterprises etc.
The goals of the Chamber are:
– improving the knowledge and competencies of employees in companies,
– strengthening activities in the field of entrepreneurship,
– increasing the activity rate and the number of people from vulnerable groups in companies,
– reducing the level of social exclusion and the risk of poverty by promoting the inclusion of people from vulnerable target groups,
– maintaining existing workplaces in companies and creating new ones and moreover, ensuring the longevity of companies in the market,
– strive for the accessibility and development of independent learning tools,
– strive for and support the development of an environment for sustainable development of stakeholders involved. Institution website:
More information about the project and its results: